The use of video to communicate your organisations corporate message has dramatically increased. Why this increase? The Internet. It has radically altered how, why, where and when we communicate and video is right at the forefront of this explosion.

Digital video is one of the most progressive and cost effective ways of getting your message out. If you are looking to attract more customers and business, using your video on the various social media platforms to communicate ‘what you do, how you do it and why you do it’, means that you can potentially reach thousands of customers. In addition, you can use video on your website which will capture your audience’s attention and help their website perform better in searches.

Therefore a well-executed video is a highly effective way to share your organisations key information. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, promote a specific product or service, capture the atmosphere at exhibitions and launch events, or simply show what happens behind the scenes, video is the most effective way to share your message.


Our highly creative team works with each individual client to help develop a concept, taking the idea and bringing it to life. We specialise in giving the ordinary a magical touch, ensuring your products and services are visually stunning, grabbing the attention of the targeted audience and providing you with a visual wow-factor.

Video enables us to convey highly complex messages easily. However, the moving image alone is not enough. Crisp sound is often overlooked and is essential to ensure the end user is totally immersed in the content of the film. We ensure that our films combine the moving image, superb sound and a relevant sound track. Remember, video has the power to change the way you interact with the world, so use it wisely.


We need to understand the specific requirements of our clients when shooting a video or short film in order for the production to be effective. A successful shoot for the Creative One team is where we meet the objectives of the client whilst surpassing their expectations.

We use cutting edge professional camera equipment when shooting solo or filming with a multi camera set up, the key shot list will have been agreed prior to the day or days filming. This gives a firm foundation from which to operate, however, it does not stifle creativity; in fact it gives us a foundation from which to express ourselves artistically. In simple terms, this is how we get the wow factor.


The Creative One production team is passionate about the moving image. We have over 15 years of shooting, production and editing experience. We love to work with our clients, develop their ideas and bring their ideas to life on the screen. Our team set up enables us to provide filming services that range from a single camera operator to multiple crew and camera location filming. We film in the UK and overseas.

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